They are so personal, like a sense-memory. In the same way that scents can recall vivid yet undefinable moments of the past, patterns and textures etch themselves into my memory. Touch and material are a part of every second of our lives from birth to death.

They are never too big to move, too expensive to make, too indifferent to be left behind. Some twenty-or-so works are folded up neatly in a shoebox and follow me through all of my changing places. This little box, family within reach, my cat sleeping by my side, these are my Space and these are my Art. The Studio becomes irrelevant.

Theatrical (MFA Thesis)

Anticipation (The Present) Left, Textile (Cotton, Tulle, Ribbon), 50x70", 2022

Introspection (The Past) Right, Textile Mixed Media (Cotton, Flannel, Tulle, Synthetic, Embroidery, Ribbon), 50x70", 2023

Perspective, Textile Mixed Media (Cotton, Tulle, Synthetic), approx. 3x12', 2022

Time Standing Still, Embroidery on Textile Collage (Tulle, Found Fabric: Cotton, Valance Lace, Vintage Doily)

Studies, Textile and Embroidery, 4-6"

Memories and Dreams (Undergraduate Thesis)

Textile (Cotton), 24", 2019-2020 


Swatches of Hound's Tooth


Outside the Barn


Hexagon Study


Quilt, Cotton, approx. 60x70", 2020

Media Exploration