Point of View, Watercolor on Paper, 11x15", 2023

Untitled, Watercolor on Paper, 12x18", 2023

Behind the Scenes at Wanamaker's Greek Hall, Watercolor and Embroidery Thread on Paper, 12x18", 2023

Gloves, Acrylic & Textile on Paper, 23x30", 2019

Untitled, Watercolor on Paper, 9x12, 2022
Theater Color Studies, Watercolor in Sketchbook, approx. 5x7", 2021
Study from the 9th Floor Studios, Watercolor on Paper, 9x12", 2021

Michelle, Acrylic on Paper, 23x30", 2019

Realist Zoo, Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20", 2018
Sea Turtle, acrylic on Canvas, 8x10", 2014
African Wild Dogs, Charcoal & Pastel on Paper, approx. 2x3', 2018
(Custom Portrait), Acrylic on Canvas, 9x11", 2016
(Custom Portrait), Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20", 2016
Mermaid,  Mixed Media (Reclaimed book paper, yarn, brass, acrylic) 18x26, 2018
Key Notes, Mixed Media (Reclaimed book paper, sheet music, yarn, reclaimed keys), 16x20", 2018
Ink Studies, 2015
(Custom Portrait), Acrylic on Canvas, 8x10, 2017
Self Portrait, Paper Collage, 8x10", 2016
Tessellation, Pen on Paper, 8.5x11", 2017